Rally outside KTVU calls on media to cover missing Indigenous, Black, brown women

The day after the indigenous people’s day, Dozens of activists and othersShe gathered outside the KTVU Building in Jack London Square on Tuesday to shed light on the lack of media coverage of missing indigenous women and black and brown women.

They set up an altar, raised flags and flags, and gathered in a circle. When Lira June Johnston shared her prayers and welcomed her ancestors to the circle, the scent of sage filled the air.

“We ask you to protect our women as they are the lifeline that keeps our people moving forward,” Johnson prayed. “Bless the so-called enemies. Bless everyone in this news studio behind us.”

Frank Somerville, a longtime KTVU news anchor A disagreement with Station about what Mercury News said was an attempt to point out racial disparities in media coverage of the missing person in a story about Gabby Petite, who disappeared in September.

KTVU representatives did not respond to the rally and did not respond to Oakland North’s request for comment on Tuesday.

Morning Star Gary, the project director of Restoration of justice for indigenous peoples, And George Garbis, Executive Director A unified community for restorative justice Organized a rally.

Garbis criticized KTVU for suspending Summerville rather than having a difficult conversation about the lack of coverage. He admitted that he needed to tell the story of Petitio, Thousands Of a woman whose color was overlooked.

“We are here to condemn the elimination of blacks, indigenous peoples, and colored women by KTVU News,” Garvis said. “It’s violence against our community.”

Ruby Rodriguez and his two children hear George Garbis sing a traditional song. (Seman Sanoris)

According to 2017 Indigenous women and girls missing and murdered According to the report, the media covered only one-quarter of the more than 500 cases of missing indigenous women in one study by the Urban Indian Health Institute, which publishes the report. Only 14% of these cases were covered multiple times.

UIHI We found that California had the sixth highest number of cases with 40 cases, and San Francisco was ranked in the top 10 with 17 cases.

Ruby Rodriguez said the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department did little to find her sister Bessie WalkerA 27-year-old indigenous woman was found dead a few weeks after being reported missing. According to Rodriguez, the family found Walker’s body just 25 yards from his mother’s house in Big Sandy Rancheria.

“Why is her death so quiet?” Rodriguez said. “Why wasn’t it done anymore?”

Rodriguez believes someone killed Walker. The sheriff’s office in August said the cause of Walker’s death was unknown.

The injured knee elder, 79, closed the rally with prayer.

“This is nothing new to the indigenous people,” said Wounded Knee. “Our people have been missing since 1492.”

Rally outside KTVU calls on media to cover missing Indigenous, Black, brown women Source link Rally outside KTVU calls on media to cover missing Indigenous, Black, brown women

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